Monday, November 24, 2008

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought I would give you some healthy tips:

1. Stick to the lean meats. White meat with no skin is best.
2. Sweet potatoes are a great side dish. Try not to put too much butter and sugar on them. They are naturally sweet and delicious.
3. Try roasting your vegetables. This really brings out the flavor and doesn't require a lot of butter, oil or salt.
4. Stick to a small serving of dessert or a couple of bites if you're eating more than one.
5. Watch out for beverages. Those calories can add up quickly. Stick to sparkling water with cranberry juice, water with added lemon and orange slices, tea or coffee.
6. Try flavoring you mashed potatoes with butter sprinkles, chicken broth, or trans-fat free margarine. Also use lower fat milk.

Stick to some of these healthy tips and you'll feel better and lighter this Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hope Danielson
Health & Wellness Advisor
Niemann Foods

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