Friday, March 19, 2010

Foods That Fight Fat

Here is some great information I read in Health Magazine.

These 7 foods help you blast fat and make you feel full longer:

  1. Eggs- loaded with protein and nutrition
  2. Dark Chocolate-Compounds found in chocolate slow down digestion and make you feel full longer. A small piece is all you need.
  3. Pine Nuts-The heart-healthy fatty acids in pine nuts boost satiety hormones that make you feel full longer. They can also help keep belly fat at bay.
  4. Cheese-Fresh goat cheese or feta are great choices. They contain a dose of conjugated linoleic acid which help you fee full and burn more fat.
  5. Skim Milk-Milk has proteins that can make you feel more satisfied. It also helps fight fat.
  6. Oranges-Oranges are one of the most satisfying fruits since they are high in fiber. People who eat more fiber have less flab.
  7. Potatoes-They are three times as filling as a slice of white bread and top all of the foods on the satiety index. They also contain resistant starch which has been shown to help your body burn fat.

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